Embrace the bicycle for youth empowerment and a circular city!

A real smart city is one where more people cycle. Not only are those cities more livable and sustainable, but they also offer crucial conditions towards a circular economy. What if instead of discarding rickety bicycles, we teach people to better maintain and repair them? Taking care of your own vehicle makes it cheaper to own one, of course. But it also leads to a remarkable sense of pride and ownership! And it teaches you valuable lessons on the relations you have with all products that you use on a daily basis and with the community around you. To develop such a community with children, youth, employees and students and teach them to appreciate and maintain their bicycles, we are launching two Bike Kitchens in Amsterdam. Will you support us?

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What is a Bike Kitchen?

Bike Kitchens are fully equipped workshops where you learn to take care of your bike yourself, under the supervision of a skilled bicycle mechanic. This directly supports cities to become sustainable, liveable and circular. But Bike Kitchens also have more positive effects by creating meaningful communities and connecting people of different walks of life. Worldwide, these Bike Kitchens are successful in creating and strengthening thriving cycling communities.

Bike Kitchens in Amsterdam

Academics from the FMG faculty are now also introducing Bike Kitchens in Amsterdam, at the Roeterseiland Campus and in ZuidOost. They are doing this together with a range of public and private organizations and the local communities. With their knowledge on urban mobility, sustainability and circular societies, they are guiding the realization of this smart solution and studying its effects.

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Workshop UvA Bike Kitchen on Friday 13 January

11-01-2023 | 12:48 Want to know how to repair and maintain your own bike? Bike Kitchen UvA starts 2023 with a workshop! Come check it out this Friday (13 January) during the brakes-workshop in the bicycle cellar at our Roeterseiland Campus.
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