Contribute to an optimal learning environment in the classroom

Effective learning requires a pleasant learning environment. Kids who struggle with their work attitude tend to disrupt this. This makes learning more complicated for themselves, but also for the other pupils and the teacher. Many schools find it difficult to supervise children with problematic work attitudes. Special education experts from the University of Amsterdam have developed an effective approach that teaches children to learn pleasantly. With your support, we can apply this solution to create an optimal learning environment and address learning disadvantages.

A pathway that helps students with their attitude to work

Did you hear what the assignment was? Do you know what to do now? Hyperactive pupils who miss out on important subjects inevitably fall behind. They also tend to distract other pupils and end up making the teacher's job more difficult. Many schools lack the resources, staff and expertise to offer additional support to pupils with problematic work attitudes. Special education experts from the University of Amsterdam have now addressed this problem by developing an effective learning pathway.The learning pathway teaches disruptive pupils to improve their work attitude during special training sessions outside the classroom, and then to apply these new skills in the class room. Through research they identified the skills students need most and that have proven their effectiveness.

Working with schools to improve the learning environment

The aim is to offer the learning pathway to many more schools in the Netherlands and guide them for the duration of one full cycle. In this way, schools learn how to carry out the programme and what it will yield them. The students are guided live by scientists from the University of Amsterdam together with their master's students. Teachers or other supervisors of schools receive additional online training to be able to provide the programme. The researchers will also be monitoring the effectiveness of the learning pathway.

The UvA's existing partner schools have expressed strong interest in the learning pathway. With your support we can offer this program to more and more schools in the Netherlands!

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